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CryoProbe Treatment

What is the Cryoprobe and what does it treat?

Cryoprobe Treatment for Skin Conditions

Cryoprobe treatment can be used for a variety of skin conditions including cysts, warts, skin tags, and adenomas.  If the mass/tumor is detected early enough, cryoprobe treatment can render a pet cancer-free.  Ideally, the mass should be about 1/4" or less.  It works by applying nitrous oxide, that quickly freezes diseased tissues, on the bodies of pets.  After the diseased tissue is frozen, it essentially dies, leaving your pet to recover naturally.  Many pet owners prefer this to more invasive procedures, especially if the pet is older, or at high risk for anesthesia.  The procedure can be done with local anesthesia (in most cases).  The procedure is less painful and does not involve a skin lesion, for example, the average recovery time is 2 weeks.

What is a Cryoprobe?

Shaped like a pen, a cryoprobe delivers small, pinpoint, doses of nitrous oxide to an area that needs to be treated.  In most cases, it only takes one course of treatment to heal your pet.  In some advanced cases, multiple treatments may be necessary. 

If you believe your pet would benefit from cryoprobe therapy, please call the office to schedule an appointment to have an evaluation performed.  Pinelands Veterinary Hospital (609)526-8556.